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About us

SC VOG GRUP SRL,fonded in 01.06.1991, by Vlad Octavian Gabriel like a
commercial society with limited responsibility,with one partner having like principal
purpose the arrangement of the Commercial Center upon the miss of offers of a
Commercial spaces we was offering to the private companies, recently founded an
address, headquarters and spaces for the development of the trading activities.
In Jule 1991 we bought six buildings placed on a ground of 5 ha from Zootechnique
Farm, of the ex-CAP of Giroc village, a suburb of Timisoara city.In the period of
September 1991 and April 1993, we made the arrangements of the first six halls, with
a surface of 5000 m.p. And 500 place of car parking, on a reinforced surface of 15.000

In May 19936, we utilize the commercial Center Totalco, because it was the first
commercial center of our country, who was offering for hire ,at private contractors
,the spaces for the development of trading activities(en-gros and en-detail).In June
1995,any three halls were done for coal-mining, with a total surface of 3500 m.p., and
over three place for car parking and the management was toked for the S.C. VOG

The financial performances of S.C.VOG S.R.L., being recognized by the according of
different diploma and awards by:the Commerce Room and Industry of Timis in 1995,
1996, 1997, first place and the third place in 1999, in the top of firms from Timis
county and the Cooperation Council of Room Commerce and Industry of Romania,
conquering in 1995 the top of firm, in the domain.

Until 1997, the Commercial Center Totalco represented the Reference Center for the
commerce by the vest of Romania.
Starting with 1997, it turned up a new commercials crowds, placed in the central zone
of the city and the represent ants of the big groups multinationals of supermarkets and
hypermarkets specialized in the commerce of cash &carry . So, the interest of dealers
and buyers for the Commercial Center Totalco was diminutive.

In consequence, in the period 1998-2001 it was adapted to the new demand of the
market, transforming the Commercial Center in the first Industrial Complex of Timis
county because of the arrangements of the halls, (for their hire to the productizers
firms, who offer the services).
In 2001, 400 jobs was guaranteed.